I shout at people in menial jobs to make myself feel better

I made a mistake earlier today, which could have proven costly were it not for some stunningly brilliant awesomeness on my part (oh, and all the help in the world from someone else, though all he really did was flick a switch. Lazy bastard). I was catching a coach and hadn’t printed my ticket out, as National Express tell you to do. I relied on the fact I could show the driver the confirmation email, as I had done on the way out. I had not relied on Victoria coach station seemingly blocking any and all phone signal to my handheld device, thus stopping me from loading up said email.

Fortunately the driver turned on the in-coach wifi, I connected to that there internet, showed him the email, got on the coach and was too warm for a couple of hours. It all worked out fine. But that’s not the point I’m making here. That vague, uninteresting issue I wanted to cover follows now.

I made a mistake. It was my fault, and I was apologetic. The driver openly mocked me, patronised me slightly and didn’t immediately offer any suggestions beyond “I need the ticket number”. So how did I react? Did the fury spew forth? Did my traditional fiery nature get the better of me and cause me to rain down the verbal pain upon this high-vis-jacketed prole? Did I give him ‘what for’ and tell him to do his damn job and help me out?

Of course not. I’m not a dickhead. I was nice to the man, politely accepted his mild ribbing – it was my fault after all – and it was all sorted out. It just made me think how brilliant I am for not being a complete and total piece of shit prick to the guy, when I could so easily have been.

There’s your vague, uninteresting issue.


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