Interesting people should be made mandatory

There are days that remind you why you do the job. Admittedly with my job it’s most of them. Or at least ‘more of them than not’. I like my job is what I’m saying. But it can still get you down, you can still feel things are dragging a bit and you can still phone in some performances. It happens – I’m human. Sorry. Jesus. Fuck you too.

But then you get a different kind of phoned-in performance that reminds you why you bother to do it – why you get so happy about doing it. I got to do a phone interview with a warning of about ten minutes. Normally this would be a case of stez-throwing time, but this was the top bod of one of my favourite developers – one of the people involved in the creation of at least five games that would hit my top 50 list. Not a bad reason to stay behind at work.

But, going back to those reasons why the job can drag a bit, there are concerns when talking to people. It could turn out they’re boring, or they won’t talk about anything apart from what’s on their script, or they’ll get offended when you ask them any real questions that don’t pander to their ego. You can probably tell by the positive tone that this didn’t happen.

Far from it. I had an interviewee who engaged in every question, explained clearly, raised new avenues of discussion, wasn’t averse to acknowledging criticism, knew what jokes were, would discuss theoretical directions for his studio, was willing to speculate on the potential future of some of my favourite series and lots of other things that have firmly planted this man as One Of My Favourite interviews I’ve done in my life. And all with ten minutes notice. This makes me happy, and if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.

And the best part? It’s a 45 minute interview that I don’t have to transcribe. BOOM.

I opted out of a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut here on the anniversary of his death, as I wouldn’t be able to do it justice with this headache and workload this evening. Tomorrow. So it goes.


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