My new-old look: you decide (warning: contains six photos of Ian)

I’ve been very nostalgic in recent months, as you may have picked up from the fact I’m constantly going on about how nostalgic I’ve been in recent months. Part of this involves looking through old photos, of which I have about a thousand or something. They’re mainly terrible, but also absolutely wonderful at the same time.

Anyway, I have decided to change my image – something I’ve never consciously done before. But instead of reinventing myself and going new, I’m going to delve into my past and find something old to ‘be’. Re-Ian, if you will. I now present to you the options for which I demand you vote:

Option one: Ian + dog circa 2008

Option two: Ian with broken finger squeezing girl’s face because it genuinely felt like Play Doh circa late 2004

Option three: Ian with a weird chinny beard looking smug and/or hammered circa 2005

Option four: Ian responding to his adoring internet critics via widely-circulated video statement (this is a press shot for the event) circa 2006

Option five: Ian in a tiny tank top showing off his bufftitude (also with no fat) circa early 2004

Secret favourite option six: Ian being a miserable twat in Belgium circa… umm… 1999?

The choice is yours – get to the polls.



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4 responses to “My new-old look: you decide (warning: contains six photos of Ian)

  1. you’d better not be that grumpy in belgium this time.

    is that mike wearing the double denim? i realised the other day that he looks a bit like joss whedon, although i haven’t seen him in about 3 years.

  2. likeacrow

    I enjoy business Ian, option 4. But the last photo IS you, in every way. Well, they’re all you, but you know what I mean…

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