I am not glad Jim Henson is dead

What is it about Jim Henson’s (and latterly his Workshop’s) puppets that’s so bloody brilliant? Regardless of what production you see them in you can always tell they’ve got the Henson name attached somewhere. There’s a warmth in the detail on the characters that really resonates with me (and a few other people).

Well, apart from the Gelfling twats in Dark Crystal. They just look shitty and bland.

It sort of makes me wish I had any talent whatsoever when it comes to… I don’t know – puppetry? Designing characters for 80s fantasy films and kids TV shows? Fronting a campaign to see a revival of Dinosaurs? I have no idea. It just makes me wonder what it would be like to have a part in making such timeless creations.

And the Gelflings.

I’ll get bored of this train of thought within the next hour or so, I’m sure. Match Of The Day is on soon anyway. But while I’m still thinking along these lines I think I might go and create some puppets. Here is a drawing of my first creation, named BUSEY:

I think it’s pretty easy to tell what sort of films I’ve been watching recently. Also: that I’m really talented.

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