One reason video games are really quite brilliant is the ease at which you can get hold of any game from The Past. Illegally, most of the time, but you can get hold of them easily. If you know where to look. Clue: it’s called Google.

Anyway, definitely not legally downloading these games means you get to go back to the things you used to play as a child. It means I can go and get Mortal Kombat 2 on the SNES and remember the cheats, which is ace OBVIOUSLY. It means I can play any Mega Drive games and remember how shit the sound was on them. It means I can actually have arcade games in my home, which was always a dream of mine as a child. Yeah, not even joking there. Judge all you want.

It also means you can get the games you never had a chance to play, which is also well good like. I always wanted to play Wild Guns, for example. And now I have. Earthbound, too. And lots of shitty random things that are bizarre and you can’t understand why and how they were ever made.

The problem is, though, a lot of old games – even ones you loved – are shit. There are things I played to a ridiculous degree as a youth, but they’re gash. Emulation opens up all the doors in the world for all those games you never quite managed to get hold of when you were younger. It also opens up the valve on the shit sluice and sprays you liberally. I mean, Double Dragon 3… really? I liked that as a kid. I played it earlier today. I am now embarrassed about this fact.

There’s a meandering point here. Mainly that emulation is great, but also shit. So yeah, there you go.


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