Reddit credit where Reddit credit’s due

I’m whining and being annoyed this morning, so why not carry it on with another pointless, aimless little bit of pithy text. Yaaaaaay.

I am starting to notice, more and more, that people who post things on this here internet rarely care to attribute any kind of credit. Now in some ways this is perfectly understandable – even okay – as who wants to track down the stupid 13-year-old with a lame screen name and link to their Geocities account (I’ve decided it’s 1998)? Not me. I want to get the funny image of the cat and post it for all to see. If it’s a link I’ve had, I’ll just post the link, not do some investigative journalism (CALL BACK TO PREVIOUS POST AMAZING I’M SO SMART).

But since I started frequenting that little place called Reddit about six months ago, I’m starting to realise where many, many popular links are actually being posted from. I have posted many myself, as there’s often some of the best examples of the internet on that site, as well as a great advert for the power of the collective (a rare time it actually seems to work okay instead of being turned into a shower of shite).

But – and here’s where my annoyance stems from – whenever I post a link from Reddit, I will say so. I will credit it back to the site. The site didn’t make it, the user posting it often didn’t make the image/video/article/whatever, but I acknowledge where it came from. Why? Because I don’t want it to look like, to lesser internet users, I manage to find this stuff myself.

Yet I’m seeing all of these links popping up over everywhere, from many people, all from places like Reddit, and all with nary a credit between them. It annoys me in a very silly way, but then I have just seen a talking dog video reposted on Facebook with absolutely no credit to Reddit, which popularised it, or the bloke who made it, whose name is all over the original video on Youtube. Stop trying to take Internet Credit for things, people.

NOTE: this doesn’t exactly get me frothy-mouthed with rage. It just irks a little. In el grando schemo of things, I couldn’t give two shits if you write where you got something from or not, it’s just a bit of the ol’ journalism schooling leaking through to everyday life. Attribution, and all that.

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