Comment threads, or: why the internet should be burned down

I have had a fairly internetty day today. What that means is that instead of passively ingesting all this nonsense like I normally do, I’ve posted a couple of things and involved myself in a couple of comments threads. What this also means is that I have decided, once again, that comments on the internet need to be banned.

I am a reasonably liberal person. I believe in the rights of all to freedom of speech, expression and to wear things that make them look like they were considered too twatty-looking to go on Jersey Shore. Debate is healthy, differing opinions are right and it should be possible for everyone to have an equal say in discussions.

But really, reading some comments in many places has lead me to this reasonable question: would it really matter to anybody if any of these people commenting died?* Even the ones I don’t disagree with often come across as complete knobends. And I’m definitely not generalising here, just as other internet voices definitely don’t.

If I ever do have my own website, I am seriously tempted to just not allow comments. I would allow readers to email in and print a letters section, but comments would just not be there. People are clearly far, far too thick to be allowed the responsibility of trying not to be a complete and total cunt.

*Stolen from Brass Eye, natch.


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