I always wondered how you got to be mean to children as a job. Now I know!

I had a strange realisation earlier today. See, you get into a job and before you know it you’re just doing your job.  This isn’t whining or moaning about anything – it’s just a fact of life. You become accustomed and get into the routine, and before you know it it’s your job.

Now, you may not all know this but I am a massive nerd. I grew up wanting to be a games journalist thanks to the countless gaming magazines I would consume. Seriously – it was ravenous. I’d buy about a dozen a month, or something utterly stupid, and read them cover to cover. One part I was always fascinated by, though, was the letters page.

Every magazine had one and a fair few – certainly not all, but some – decided this was their chance to be sneering dickheads at their readers. Rather than answer questions they would dismiss and mock them. Frankly, it was great. I always wondered if they got one special member of staff to do this, if they meant what they said, if they ever saw any repercussions from the whole thing – stuff like that.

I then realised, earlier today, I was the one writing the responses to the kids – people who weren’t even alive when I was their age, reading letters from people my age (then) and being slagged off by people my age (now) for no real reason. Now I am the one with the power. I am the one with the influence over some mini-Ian somewhere reading these rags.

It sometimes takes a minute to step back and really take in what’s going on. And sometimes it turns out to be a really satisfying view.

Mainly because I get to be unnecessarily mean to kids.


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