The fingers, they are green

Let me tell you a little story about some garlic. Many moons ago, some garlic was bought with the express intention of using it in things like cooking. While some of it was used, the majority of the bulb remained unused for quite a while, sitting at the back of the fridge, ignored.

Time passed, and the person who should have been using more garlic in his cooking decided to grab a bit from the bulb he remembered was in his fridge. Unfortunately, it wasn’t edible anymore. But while you’re thinking it had gone all goey and green, like all the stuff in your fridges does, apparently this person’s fridge has magical, life-giving properties. The garlic had sprouted*.

There was a decision to be made. It was no longer edible, but it wasn’t a clear cut candidate for binning. The person chose to let the garlic live on as a sort of experiment to see if they are capable of making plant life flourish even though they haven’t bothered properly planting it.

That person was – and still is – me. That fledgling garlic plant still hasn’t been planted, instead sitting on a bit from my cheese grater, getting watered almost every day. And has it flourished? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that:

*Not turned into sprouts.



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3 responses to “The fingers, they are green

  1. What is happening to it? Is it becoming more garlics?

  2. Tom

    This is how the Triffids started, isn’t it??

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