I am no longer afraid of giant balls

While the rapture hasn’t actually come and taken away all the good people – I know this because I’m still here – there are signs abound that it is indeed the end of days. For one, Arnie – who starred in End Of Days – has been in trouble and the media don’t like him as a result. That’s unprecedented, at least in the UK.

And for two, I decided – willingly – to be strapped into a giant rubber ball and rolled down a hill while a screaming scouser did the same sat directly across from me. I am a massive coward, and I don’t really know why I did this other than work were offering it as a social event thing and it was free.

I am normally the bag-holder when it comes to anything remotely ‘extreme’. I went on two rollercoasters in my life: the first one to see what they were like, the second one because I thought it was a kids ride or something and that we were going on it as a joke. It wasn’t.

Oh – three – I went on one at Alton Towers too because I thought it was something else. I really must pay more attention to what these rides are.

Anyway, this shows I have tried them out and have disliked them. So maybe I’ve figured it all out while writing this. Just as with food I don’t like, I will always try it first to make my mind up.

Oddly, I enjoyed being rolled down a hill in a giant rubber ball with a screaming scouser sat directly across from me. It was really good fun.


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