Are you a psychopath? TAKE THE TEST.

I read this on the Grauniad earlier today and found it really rather captivating. It reminded me of the stories about ‘heroes’ in the Second World War who, when they were tested or reviewed later on, were found to generally be psychopaths. Mainly because they had no fear, nor did they care what happened to themselves or others.

Anyway, turns out there’s a standardised test to see if you are indeed a psychopath. Which is hilarious – it’s like all those other internet test things we all do, except if you get a high score it doesn’t mean you’re a space lion from the web or whatever. No, it means you’re a danger to society.

Naturally, I’m going to demand you all take the test. Mark yourselves on each of these things about your personality, 0, 1 or 2. 0 being least true and 2 being most true. Add up the numbers. If you score 30 or above, you are a psychopath. I, for example, scored a rather pathetic 12.

Item 1 Glibness/superficial charm

Item 2 Grandiose sense of self-worth

Item 3 Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom

Item 4 Pathological lying

Item 5 Cunning/manipulative

Item 6 Lack of remorse or guilt

Item 7 Shallow affect

Item 8 Callous/lack of empathy

Item 9 Parasitic lifestyle

Item 10 Poor behavioural controls

Item 11 Promiscuous sexual behaviour

Item 12 Early behaviour problems

Item 13 Lack of realistic long-term goals

Item 14 Impulsivity

Item 15 Irresponsibility

Item 16 Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Item 17 Many short-term marital relationships

Item 18 Juvenile delinquency

Item 19 Revocation of conditional release

Item 20 Criminal versatility

Oh and if any of you do score over 30 then you’re my favourite friend/reader.



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5 responses to “Are you a psychopath? TAKE THE TEST.

  1. Ben

    I also got 12, probably on the exact same ones as you. All it means is we are socio-boss.

  2. Antony

    Aslo got a score of 12.

    (I apologize in advance, if I did not look hard enough)

    But I can’t seem to find any comparison scores, We know 30 is the “extreme”; and my guess we all know what someone with a “30+ score” is capable of.

    But what (technically) are we “12 scorers” supposed to be capable of, or are not capable of?


    I found this test ( with a bit more description on the “items”, but still no kind of comparison.
    And although I could compose some kind of profile through these answers, but one of my traits is laziness..


    Love Jon Ronsons book.

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