Phase two of exerciseageddon: nearly initiated

Today I have taken a further step into insanity. While I haven’t actually done any real exercise in about a month – possibly more – I do keep telling myself I will do more. I even threatened to join a gym. But then I thought better of that, as going somewhere for a bunch of large angry men to judge me isn’t something I want to pay a monthly fee to do. I can do it for free many places.

Anyway, I opted for the route all men take at some point: I have bought stuff so I can lift and press and pull and whatever at home. It will accompany my exercise bike and the thing that kicked all this shit off, EA Sports Active (2!) in being used for a bit then forgotten.

On the other hand, I might actually use it all in the second stage. First stage was shedding the blubber, a lot of which (but not all) is gone now. Second stage is to make one arm absolutely gigantic, while the other arm stays the same – weedy and small.

Then, once I have said MASSIVE ARM I can go around the world solving crime with the arm, because I’ve just decided it will have some kind of super crime-detecting power. I don’t know – it’s really good at picking up evidence or something.

Yes, I’ve been playing L.A. Noire.

Well, it will either bring me the recognition I deserve through a life of superheroish crime detection or it just won’t happen, I’ll use the stuff once and then forget about it. £50+ wasted.



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