Old cartoons vs new cartoon: the ultimate face-off

The topic of cartoon theme tunes being bloody brilliant in the 80s and shit now came up yesterday, and while blindly agreeing with the statement – as nostalgia tends to force me to do – I realised I don’t actually know and modern cartoon theme tunes.

As such, I decided to look one up, listen to it and judge it against some brilliant 80s themes. The one I settled on was Ben 10, because I know the name and I don’t know any other newish cartoons. I listened to it, and it sounds like this:

You know what? It’s not that bad. A bit shit though, if we’re honest. Compare it to this:

Or this:

Or this:

And you’ll see why nostalgiageddon wins out here. Then throw in the WILDCARD, BITCHES…

… in the shape of Run With Us from The Raccoons and you’ll realise that no other song from any other cartoon ever will ever beat Lisa Lougheed’s musical gift to the world. I genuinely love this song:

I was going to put Sharky And George on this, but it turns out not even nostalgia can make that theme song good.


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One response to “Old cartoons vs new cartoon: the ultimate face-off

  1. Laura

    What about Bucky O’Hare?

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