Another new console announced: this one better than Wii U

Having just watched the announcement of the Wii U, I have decided clearly anybody can design a console. As such, here is a console I have designed. It will play awesome games to the max. Here is is:

It is called the FunTastrophe 9000. It is modelled on a honey roast ham (with a face) and is actually made from honey roast ham (with a face drawn on it). This is so when hungry from playing games you can snack on it, and when you’ve finished it or it goes off you will have to buy another one, thus making the machine highly profitable.

The face is so it appeals to children, as children like happy ham. As far as I’m aware. I never liked sad ham as a child.

We all like portability, so the FunTastrophe 9000 will have wheels on it. This means you can roll it down small hills and off sweet jumps. You can even make it do sweet stunts if you want! And who doesn’t want to jump their ham? Only a moron.

The exhausts are so fumes can be channelled out somewhere, and as a result I’m thinking it’ll definitely be environmentally friendly. I love the environment, me.

Every console needs peripheral-things, so the FunTastrophe 9000 comes with a claw and a pincer/two-pronged trident (bident?) in case you need to pick up small cuddly toys or hunt mermaids. Or mermen – I am not a sexist.

Also it has free grass on top of it.

Basically, it’s the best thing in the world, ever.


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  1. You’ll probably never know just quite how much this made me laughsnort today.

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