Some shit about barbeques, or something

I completely forgot to do any kind of blog yesterday, meaning I have to do two today. Problem is, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what to write about. As such, I’m going to blab on about nothing in particular for this first of today’s entries in order to simply fill some space and pass the time. Cynical? Moi? Perish the thought.

At least I’m up front with you about what I’m doing here.

Went to a barbeque yesterday for a workmate’s birthday – first one I’ve been to this year. Fun times, lots of booze, I betrayed how drunk I really was on many occasions by suddenly losing the ability to Use My Words halfway through a sentence (I found it particularly difficult to say “pure testosterone”) and I did drop my glasses in the toilet. Pre-flush.

Hot water cures all.

I used to have barbeques all the time at my little basement flat in Leeds, it was really good fun. Start having them about, oh – February? And just use them as an excuse to get people (and girls – they’re not people, remember) round to my ‘pad’, as I never called it, for burnt meat, booze and my choice of music.

Then when it gets late and I’m tired and cranky I would just demand everyone pissed off and go to bed. Great days.

I’d probably get evicted for having a barbeque here. Either that or my awful housemates would have to join in, and they’re awful. Or they’d whine. Plus it would mean people would have to see my pokey little shithole of a flat that seriously needs a proper tidying (I can’t be bothered/am not capable).

Yeah, whatever. I’ll try and think of something real to blather on about for the second blog.


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