Waste of time blog entry part II: this time it’s ice cream

What’s the best thing in the world? I don’t know; there are a lot of things I haven’t done, experienced, eaten, danced at, sang, drank, thrown at hippies. But one of the best things has to be ice cream.

Think about it – it’s pure deliciousness, with some wacky flavoursome goodness thrown in, frozen then put in a bowl for you to nosh down on. What’s not to like? Apart from those bloody headaches. Stupid body trying to compensate for a temperature difference that doesn’t actually exist. Or something.

I can’t think of much else to say except: I like ice cream, because I have a soul. Also because it’s basically frozen sugar mixed with cream. What’s not to like?

Though, weirdly, rum and raisin flavour is a bit shitty. Probably mainly because it’s awful rum flavour and raisins aren’t that great anyway. Pistachio is nice.

Hmm. Want some ice cream now. CHERRY FLAVOUR, INNIT. The diet can get fucked. Or something.

Definitely worth the wait, this entry.


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One response to “Waste of time blog entry part II: this time it’s ice cream

  1. Gem

    Not a massive fan of ice cream. Mint choc chip is alright, I suppose.

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