Extreme Fishing With Robson Green: IT’S BRILLIANT

Of all the TV shows I would expect to enjoy, Extreme Fishing With Robson Green would absolutely not make it to that list. One, it’s a show about fishing, which while I would like to do some I have no real interest in. Two, it’s on one of Channel 5’s channels, which means I have to watch Channel 5. Three, Robson Green really irritated me when I was younger, as I never liked Soldier, Soldier and I hated him and Jerome.

Basically it’s a recipe for me completely ignoring it. Which I would have done were it not for a chance encounter a while back and the swift realisation that he’s actually a very entertaining man.

It’s a simple recipe, but it turns out all it takes to get me interested in watching something is to get a man who isn’t terrible at presenting and make him do something he’s genuinely – genuinely – enthusiastic about. I mean, to the point where he runs at people screaming with joy when they catch a fish.

Oh, and you add some extra sprinkles on top of the mixture, which is a Geordie swearing. Always hilarious.

It’s difficult to explain without it just sounding like ‘man trying to catch fish swears and gets loud’ – mainly because that’s what it is – but I assure you it’s captivating. If only to see the genuine – genuine – joy flow out of the man when things go right. Or the furious swearing when things inevitably go wrong, or he messes up.

I’m still going to turn it off in a minute, though. Not really in the mood today.

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