Get buff, go to Vegas

After having been off the exercise thing for a couple of months now and telling myself I’d start again at some point, even though I clearly wouldn’t, I’ve finally found a compelling reason to restart. See, whereas normally it would be the betterment of myself and my physical well-being, now it’s those things with the added, genuine benefit of the chance of winning a trip to Las Vegas.

Yes, it’s a competition in which people from the games industry are competing using UFC Personal Trainer (there’s your plug, THQ) to see who can ‘improve’ the most over the period of a month. I’d guess that means who can lose the most weight, but I also think it means who can go from being still-quite-flabby to at least a bit muscular.

Me, in other words.

Since I stopped the running on the spot stuff – I’ve just remembered why now, because I hurt my ankle again – I’ve continued to lose weight. A much slower pace than when exercising, but enough for me to continuously laugh at how piss-easy it is to shed poundage. Oh, it also lets me laugh because I can be as self-righteous as I want about how easy it is, because I’ve actually done it. Quite the novelty for self-righteousness, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Anyway, the thing kicks off on July 8 and we shall have to see how much I put into it before I get bored/annoyed and quit. But seeing as I am in the right place to turn slight blubber into buffedness, I am a little bit hopeful. Just have to get off my botty and do it.


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