Leeds Leeds special needs IN A BIT

It’s been more than a year – about 13 months, actually – since I last went to Leeds. I feel I have hyped it up a bit too much in my head, as all I’m going to do is stand around being moody listening to music, have a pizza or two (and likely be let down as I’ve hyped that up too much too) and generally sit indoors, away from all the people I haven’t seen in an age.

But STOP JUDGING ME. Realism doesn’t come into play when I’m reasonably excited about going somewhere for once. I’m even looking forward to the couple of train rides I have ahead of me, what with me now having access to full-on Football Manager 2011 on Tiny Laptop. Great days.

It’ll also be nice to have some days off work. Not that I don’t enjoy being there, it’s just always nice to not have to get up for any job, ever, if only for a few days. The day I can work the hours of 8pm-11pm will be brilliant, perfect times indeed. It’s usually when I’m at my most productive anyway, so I should probably take advantage of that from an employment perspective.

Right, this is another diary-ish entry. Soz. It’s a blog, get over it. I’m going to go finish packing my bag then walk to the train station, then five-and-a-bit hours later I’ll be in Leeds city centre. Meet where the old CEX was, yeah?

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