Out Of Spite XI: The Ultimate Review (7/10)

This weekend saw my much-blabbed about return to Leeds after a year and a month of absence. The purpose of the visit was, ostensibly, to attend Out Of Spite festival at The Well (formerly Joseph’s Well). It is a small gathering of bands and people, hanging out in a car park, drinking warm beer out of car boots and watching a few bands when you can be bothered.

Basically, it’s brilliant.

Probably the best element of the weekend was seeing the faces I know. Not because they’re my mates, they’re acquaintances, they’re just people I recognise or for any other reason like that. No, it’s just fun to have a barometer for how much we’re all ageing – quite a bit, judging by the haggard visages on show, littering The Well’s carpark.

I am well aware I form a part of this particular gang, what with my ever-more creased face and salt ‘n’ pepper hair.

It’s not even a huge amount of time between them, really, but I was 21 on the first OOS I went to, now I’m pushing 28 (just over a week and counting). I still wear the same shorts.

Oh, some bands played too. Bangers were brilliant, Milloy were Milloy and the rest I only paid a bit of attention to. Just like always then, really.



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