Dear diary, today I did this blog

I have had no thoughts today bar angry ones that don’t deserve repeating here in public and uninteresting ones that aren’t even fun enough to write about in any meaningful way. So let’s talk about some stuff instead, until the word count hits about 200-250 and I can feel that’s enough.

I edited the videos for this month’s DVD that comes with the mag. I enjoyed the process, but I do wish I could do it on my own computer, either at work or at home. I’ve tried it at home before and… sigh… I reckon it would be better with a Mac. Sorry PC gods.

Or just a better PC. Which I need. Get on it, PC gods/people who didn’t buy me birthday presents (“all of you”).

I need more food in my flat still. At the same time, I’m sort of proud of myself for not going to the supermarket this week. I CAN LIVE OFF RICE AND LENTILS (and tinned tomatoes, a bit of chilli and cumin, some tuna and kidney beans).

I’ve realised if I try and do the blog – as in, actually put some concerted effort in – earlier when I get back from work it tends to be a bit better. When I forget about it, get sidetracked and mired down in other ‘life’ things and end up doing it around now, it tends to be shit. Like this one.

I make no apologies.

I weighed myself for the first time in a month the other day, and I’ve nearly lost three stone. I haven’t even exercised properly in months. Well, not for any extended period of time. VICTORY, etc.

Hmm.. there’s more, but I’ve exceeded my self-imposed word count now. Byyyyyyye.


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