A whole new worrrrrrld(wide web)

I’ve had one of those days where the internet has gone brilliant again. In searching for something I wouldn’t normally search for I’ve ended up visiting a whole host of sites I would never have gone on of my own volition. Even though I sort of did today. So that statement is redundant. Still, you get that there may well be some element of a point there.

Basically it’s taken me out of my internet comfort zone and placed me firmly in communities and forums of the kinds of people I know none of in real life. Reading about their lives – what they do, how they react to each other’s problems, their creative use of swearing (“shiyt”) – might not necessarily be interesting, but it’s a nice reminder that this webby thing isn’t just videogames, porn and the BBC football rumours page.

I’d make some grand (in the least grandiose sense) statement that from this day forth I will try to visit places on the ‘net I would never normally go at least once a week, but I know I’ll either forget or just not bother. Still, it might be a plan to get looking at some of the more interesting communities out there, if only to give myself something to write about here.

By the way, I’m not going into what I was actually looking up, in case you’re interested. OOOHHH SECRETIVE.

My word I’m very tired.


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