Constant money knowledge: constantly annoying

I’m never sure if being able to check my bank balance pretty much wherever I am, with the figures usually (almost, but not quite) up to date, is a good thing or not.

Obviously it’s terrible that I have the access, because if I didn’t have the access then I wouldn’t have online banking, and if I didn’t have online banking I wouldn’t have these perceived security threats the banks and newspapers keep telling me about. Without those threats I wouldn’t have to have my bank take precautionary measures on my behalf, and without them having to take these measures I wouldn’t have to have that bloody godawful secure key thing.

So obviously it’s terrible. But that’s not the point I was getting at.

No, I don’t know if it’s good or not knowing up to date details as it makes things go one of two ways. On one hand, knowing how little I have left reminds me to not spend as much, to pay attention to what I have and to economise wherever possible. These are all good, necessary things and that’s all well good and shit, like.

On the other hand, it’s bad. Why? Well, knowing precisely how much I have at any given time means that I know exactly how much I can get away with spending at any one time. Rather than seeing I have £some for the rest of the month and deciding to hold on to as much as possible, I have been known to work out how much of that £some I can get away with spending before the figure reads £notsome.

Double edged sword, and all that. I just wish they’d abandon money, which is why I’m glad those heroic anti-capitalist warriors are taking to the streets and destroying the world of commerce as we know it*.

*Not entirely serious, in case you needed to be told this you humourless fuckwit.

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