Coming to America

I do still wonder if I’ll ever go to the US off my own back. Obviously I can barely afford gruel in my current situation, so a real holiday to somewhere that isn’t Cheap-o McCheerful is pretty much out of the question.

Unless you all want to club together and give me TEN BILLION POUNDS.

Anyway, this means I’m still not really sure how things work in Yankland. I’ve only ever bought a few things, all on card and mostly gifts, and I’ve never had to tip as I’ve never been in the situation where I’m the one tipping in a paying situation.

Christ this is thrilling. Leave me be, I’m fresh off the flight back and on the train – it’s hard to think of topics and then follow through with coherent thoughts.

I still have that whole thing that a lot of people seem to have of “one day I would like to live there”, because… well, why wouldn’t I? San Francisco is brilliant and I’d like to be able to see New York properly when not massively ill and on the verge of abject heartbreak. That shit puts a downer on tourism, I have to say.

But yeah, I can’t afford it, so it’s not exactly top of my priorities right now. I’ll just live in this weird bubble that this job puts you in, never leaving the safety of being provided for and ending up looking like a complete scummer in all the five-star hotels we end up in.

Plus I wouldn’t be able to afford premium economy seats, and I really do need those.



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