Wrestling, or: why I’ve never grown up

I may have mentioned before that I am still a fan of wrasslin’. Judge as you see fit, I couldn’t give a fook. Anyway, it’s fun to see the effect the live events have on those who aren’t really into it, or haven’t really been paying attention to developments since they were a kid or whatever.

It’s just like gaming, really. People make assumptions based on whatever they think they’re supposed to assume – it’s all for kids, so it can’t possibly offer any entertainment, right? Well wrasslin’ isn’t high art, but it’s a damn good show – a spectacle, to use the lingo of the WWE.

Aside from the fake fighting itself, it’s just incredibly impressive to see how well-oiled everything is. Stage hands are constantly moving about the place, removing used pyro effects and replacing them with ones for upcoming entrances, changing the ring covers in a matter of seconds, keeping the general area free of crap, cameramen running about getting half a dozen impressive shots as it’s all going on, videos, music, stuff, everything, millions of dollars worth of shit that could go wrong and it rarely does.

That’s impressive, if not a bit boring to write about. Whatevs, I’ve already pointed out I’m not on top mental form right now.

But I got to see Diesel in the flesh on Sunday, I met Alberto Del RRRRRRRIIIIIIIIOOOOOO and Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston jumped really really high. So yeah, I had fun and so did the people who don’t even like wrasslin’. Because it’s great. What a compelling argument I make.

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