The Inbetweeners Movie: the definitive review (7/10)

Today we went to see The Inbetweeners Movie (that is the title of the movie) so here is my review of The Inbetweeners Movie.

  1. It has the word ‘clunge’ in it, but this feels overdone, even though it’s not used much. Familiarity breeds irritation with a word you once found funny, it seems.
  2. It’s more soppy that you’d expect, and clearly draws a line in the ground to say ‘this is it, we’re not making any more’. I’m fine with that. Peep Show should have done the same years ago.
  3. It suffers from the same problems as, for example, The Simpsons Movie and the Futurama 1.5 hour episodes – it just feels like a long episode and you get a bit antsy and bored after a bit.
  4. It’s funny enough to keep me laughing throughout.
  5. Some scenes, like the stolen sunbeds one, are a bit overplayed.
  6. There are a lot of naked bottoms, nipples and a couple of cocks in it. Just an observation.
  7. The dancing scene, which you may have seen in trailers, goes from reasonably funny to really rather funny quite quickly.
  8. The dancing scene is my entire life.
  9. No really, it is.
  10. The likelihood of four misfits meeting four hot girls willing to talk to them at all is very low. I am all for suspension of disbelief, but as I judge the series to be essentially a documentary on What School Was, it’s a bit jarring to see very Hollywood elements like these introduced.

Well, that’s all you’re getting out of me. It was quite good, though not brilliant. Well worth the nothing I paid to see it, though the normal, non-premier seats did mean I was hideously uncomfortable after an hour or so.




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3 responses to “The Inbetweeners Movie: the definitive review (7/10)

  1. Damn you. You like The Inbetweeners? Damn you.

  2. Arjun Kharpal

    Nice succinct review of the movie. Check out my review of The Inbetweeners Movie:

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