Hey, it’s happy holiday time! (N.B. Not ‘happy’)

The world would be a much better place if we could rely on logic for our reactions. Don’t take feelings, emotions and all that fluffy shit out of the mix altogether – they can be useful sometimes. Like when you decide you truly hate someone. That’s an experience to savour.

But there are times when you wish your blind, reactive feelings wouldn’t get in the way and cloud cold, hard logical judgement of a situation. Instead of finding something out and feeling the inevitable gut punch – even though you knew it was coming – you would just reason it away, apply actual thought to it, grow as a person and move on.

In fact, ignore what I said in the opening: let’s cull all emotions and feelings and all that gay shit. It clearly gets in the way of what we’re meant to do. I don’t know what we’re meant to do, but I know it doesn’t involve any faggy feelings or any such shit.

It is unfortunate that, as much as I try (mainly by emulating my father), I cannot remain entirely emotionless. Sometimes they creep out. I try and justify, apply rational thinking and reason away these things (I’d say problems, but that would make it look like I consider all feelings to be problems (I DO)). Sometimes I succeed, as distancing yourself emotionally is required and, sometimes, natural.

But then other times I get that fucking gut punch, and it brings me down. And I wish, at those times, I couldn’t feel feelings anymore.

Granted, a lack of empathy is one of the main calling cards of a serial killer. But there are too many people in the world now anyway – we could do with losing some of them.

Here’s some AWS to play you out. I am aware it is about getting mad, which is an emotion, which completely belittles the above, entirely serious, point:

[I’m going on holiday in a bit, so updates may be sporadic over the next week/two weeks]


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