Facebook or Google+? OH IT’S THE FORMER

So, judging by the fact I’ve been on it a few months and have done nothing of note beyond struggle to figure out how to add an image (clue: stop using the Android app, start using the proper version), I think it’s safe to say Google+ has done fuck all for Ian’s social networking habits.

It was supposed to be the chosen one – it was supposed to bring balance to a privacy-obsessed world of people scared that the evil overlords at Facebook would steal our very souls. It was supposed to be amazing in every way, and all clean and shiny like all the things Google does.

You know what? It probably does all of that. But I wouldn’t know, because I’m busy uploading hundreds of photos to Facebook. Even though that means they own them and I’m breaking the law for taking them in the first place, or something. Even though it’s run by literal Nazis and is powered by the burning of orphans, and all the money they raise goes to funding the “Wasn’t The Holocaust Hilarious” stageshow.

Even though that’s all the case, I’m sticking with it. Because it’s where my friends are, and they’re the idiots who want to see these photos. So that’s where they’ll go. And that’s where I’ll leave them untagged, because I’m lazy. So when Facebook does decide to steal all the pics and use them for its own nefarious needs – my face turned into a Swastika, or something – at least they won’t be able to put a name to the faceflag.

Or something.


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