Jetlag, apathy and disconnect. Apparently.

I am currently suffering jetlag in a way I have never experienced it before. I am going to put this down to returning to the UK from the east for the first time. Well, not the first time, but returning from the distance I have for the first time.

I went to Japan, you know. Did I mention that? Because I went to Japan. You’ll be getting plenty of catch-up blogs about that. Because I went to Japan.

Anyway, I’m feeling really rather disconnected from anything and everything, though at the same time it’s not like it feels like a dream or anything. If anything, it feels like weird sleep and time-related apathy has set in. There’s the usual depression that sets in when you have to go back to a stinky little hovel of a flat that’s full of as much physical mess as it is emotional…

Oh wait, that’s too whiny. Hmm.

Hopefully sleeping this evening will kill off most of the lagging sensation and mean I can be my usual, happy-go-lucky, optimistic and thoroughly positive self when I return to work for the first time in two weeks tomorrow.

That’s as in I’m going back to work tomorrow for the first time in two weeks, not I’m back in two weeks. I’d be sacked if I tried to have a month off. Much as I’d love having a month off. I WANT A MONTH OFF AND TO BE FLOWN AROUND THE REST OF THE WORLD FOR FREE.

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