Back on the Fitness Bus (Of Fitness)

I’m not the kind of person easily influenced by the mere words of others, but… no, actually I am. As proven today, as I accidentally ended up listening to a few different voices around that have asked why I stopped exercising.

I mean, I actually forgot why I stopped – beyond the nine-week program finishing – so I genuinely didn’t know why. Regardless, I ended up accidentally letting these insidious little bastards get under my skin and have, indeed, returned to the world of running about in front of my TV that is EA Sports Active 2.

Yes, I’m back in advertorial territory*.

But I instantly remembered why I stopped before thanks to the miracle that is ‘skipping’ (read: jumping on the spot, sans skipping rope). See, my knackered ankle, which is knackered, is still knackered. And it doesn’t like being jumped on on a hard floor, even with nicely-cushioned running shoes.

Stupid ankle.

Still, might as well carry on. I’m below 200lbs now, so I’d actually be a light-heavyweight/cruiserweight in wrestling. Oh, by the way, I’m going to be a wrestler. Yeah, that’s a realistic thing to aim for.

That, or a space cowboy.

Or just someone who’s happy.

I think we all know which is the most unrealistic of those aims. LOL EMO FAG LOL.

*It’s not an advertorial. I wouldn’t point that out, but I think it’s not that crazy to think it might be exactly what I’m doing. I’m not.


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