Ryanair: the definitive review (7/10)

It’s cute how they have these weird seats that seem like they’re made from one big mould. As in, they’re not separate seats but one big, single piece made from pouring the mix into what is effectively a giant jelly mould.

Let them set, let them seat, fly away.

Ryanair gets a bad rap by idiots, mainly. Yes, it’s shit. But it’s also about £4 to fly you to the other side of Europe. Yes, you have to pay £20 per bag you check. Yes, there’s that £6 or whatever fee for using your card. Yes, it’s tacky as Tackington the Tachymeter. Yes, their boss bloke is clearly a prick.

But I went to Portugal and back for Not Very Much, so I’m not complaining.

It’s easy to lose perspective in matters like these. We’re used to a level of service from our air carriers – it’s been a premium service for decades, with budget airlines only really popping up in recent years. So when some chancer tries to scam a few extra quid off us because we use the wrong kind of bank card, we get annoyed and complain.

Still use the service though, because it’s damn cheap flights.

I wouldn’t want to see Ryanair doing services to the US or any other long-haul, mind you. Well, they can do it – and if it was cheap enough I would clearly use it, but… no, I can’t add anything to that. I’d clearly just use it.

Because it’s cheap. As long as it doesn’t crash, I don’t give that much of a fuck. It’s a skybus. Get over it.


9 of 14 catch up entries to go.



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2 responses to “Ryanair: the definitive review (7/10)

  1. nosmiles

    The bad rap is not always shit.
    It is worth to sue them when they ignore European and International transport laws, WHICH THEY DO.

    • Which laws? Do you have proof?

      I’m not saying I disagree – I’d genuinely like to see this, if it is indeed true. Everyone would. But hearsay is not evidence.

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