OnLive, innit

Today I have briefly dicked about with The Future, and it was a fun place in which to dick about. The other day a service was launched in the UK (it’s been elsewhere a while, I think. No, I can’t be arsed checking) called OnLive. It’s videogames, so yeah, that.

Basically it lets you play games by streaming them. Think Youtube, a bit higher quality and with the ability to have input on what happens. It means you don’t need a £1,000 PC to play the newest and brightest titles.

Basically, it’s brilliant. It removes a massive barrier of entry for a lot of people and opens gaming up to a far wider audience than it might have had before.

Except for the fact that the games are indeed still the same games, meaning if you had no interest in them before you’re not going to have any interest in them now. And while the barrier for entry that is the hardware has been removed, there’s still that just-as-big barrier in the form of really complex games that need you to know whatthefuck is going on before you can even hope to start having fun with them.

Know what WSAD means? No? Ah. Sorry, you’re still not invited.

And even I, the wondergamer extraordinaire, even though I now have very few barriers to entry for near-proper PC gaming and even though I know what WSAD is and won’t even make a joke about it being ‘well sad, like’ – even though all that, I still want a behemoth of a new PC. I still want to spend that £1,000 getting a monster that can run everything.

It’s just nice to have OnLive there as an ‘also’ option. Some will use it for more, and it will be great for them. It might even encourage some new folks to get involved. Good. That’ll be great. Me? I’m going to pore over the relative merits of a 2500k i5 as opposed to a 2600k.

Ladies: form an orderly queue.


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