You’d think it would be routine by now

So now I’ve been doing this oneington an day thing for a year and nine months, ish. The premise is pretty simple and, actually, it’s sort of explained by the name of it. Well, the other name of it – the real one. One a day, or whatever it’s called. I don’t know.

Basically you know what the hell’s going on just from the name of it. Which is why it’s odd that I’ve been sat around all day today, doing nothing – bar a swift jaunt to the shop to buy a single, delicious can of coke and some bananas.

I’ve sat around all day in my dressing gown and pants, on the computer, watching Louie and Match Of The Day, drinking tea in my new giant sumo mug fresh from Japan (did I mention I went to Japan?) and eating clementines. Naturally.

I’ve been doing nothing all day. I’ve had nothing but free time all day. I’ve been doing a single blog entry a day for almost two years now. And yet today of all days I’ve completely forgotten to do a blog. Not like other days when I’ve had the tab open waiting to be filled with words, or the days when I put it off because I’m struggling to put my leftover teen angst into some form of cohesive structure.

No, today I just plain forgot. So this is what you get instead. A brief, unsatisfying explanation as to what went down – or didn’t go down – today. Still in my dressing gown, by the way. I like this dressing gown.


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