Everything’s funny or nothing’s funny

I just caught the end of a show on BBC Four – Frost On Satire, or something – where David Frost interviewed a load of contemporary US and UK comedians about the art of taking the  piss professionally.

First of all, this is part of the reason why BBC Four is brilliant. Yes, comedy exists on other channels, but I can’t think of many that would show a rather dry discussion on the point of, the history of, the thinking behind one form of comedy. It’s easier just to show Forty Pints Of Ale And Some Pork Scratchings’s 98th series.

So well done there, that channel.

Secondly, it raised some interesting points that… well, I already thought them. And believed them. And had repeated them myself in the past. But it’s nice to have some well-known professionals basically say the same thing, if only for my diminutive ego to get some semblance of a boost for being ‘right’.

There is no line. There is no ‘too far’. There is unfunny. There is offensive with no justification or reason. There is just plain bad. But there’s never a too far. Everything – every single topic that has ever or will ever exist can be made to be humorous. It just can. Yes, even that. Adding a laugh at the end of something where a horrible topic is mentioned doesn’t mean you’re laughing at that thing – not necessarily – and just because you know somebody who died in a plane crash doesn’t mean jokes can’t be made about plane crashes.

I actually hate that complaint. “I know someone who *insert thing here*”. So what? Millions of people have. I probably have. If I haven’t, I might do in future. I’d still fucking make jokes about the subject. What’s the point of not? Either everything’s funny or nothing’s funny.

I’ve lost my point somewhere here and gone into mildly ranty territory, but thems the moods you find me in sometimes. Mainly because one complaint outweighs half a dozen compliments, apparently.

(Literally while I was writing this I got a Facebook thingy off my Mum saying my cat (that I haven’t owned or seen in about seven years) had died. STOP MAKING JOKES ABOUT DEAD CATS.)


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