I’m currently watching some dinosaur thing on CBBC and… I’m confused. I feel like I did when they said Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore. I feel as though everything I know is wrong – like I’ve been intentionally lied to just to make me look like a Gimpus Olympus.

Turns out the Brontosaurus had fins or something. I haven’t bothered doing the most basic of Googling for this, but it did show them with fins on the show, so yeah. That. That’s wrong. They were never like that. We know what they were like. See:

It also seems the Allosaurus was an ambush predator, making it smarter than the T-Rex that couldn’t see you when you were standing still what do you mean that was bullshit too? FML. Also it had massive forearms, so it was just the Popeye of the dino world. Dumb fuck.

There’s apparently something called the Majungasaurus. That sounds like a fucking joke. A sick one at that, what with it being a cannibal and all. And a scavenger. Why even bother telling us this piece of shit dinosaur exists? Just tell us about T-Rexs, Triceratops’s’s’s and Deinonychus.

And the Brontosaurus, obviously. Just without those fins.

Basically, in ten years time everything I’ve ever been told will have been proven to be false. I’m not complaining that science is ace and doing its job, I’m just complaining because I thought I knew a fair bit about dinosaurs.

Majungafuckingsaurus. Honestly.


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