Same thing we do every weekend, Pinky…

I think we should instigate a new rule when it comes to going out in Bournemouth – or anywhere, for that matter. This new rule is “do not listen to Ian’s suggestions”.

If we begin to follow this one simple rule we will be able to avoid many of the situations we find ourselves in that seem to drain most of our money away. Admittedly we will also miss out on many of the fun adventures – and anti-fun non-adventures, like going to the ex-strip club, now late-night drinks emporium/absolute shithole (with a thin layer of grease covering everything) – but it will be for the best.

After all, I am old and have a job and should be respectable now. I should not be living for the weekend.. well, Friday, as I can’t do two nights running as I am weak. I should not be encouraging people to do things they shouldn’t be doing because it amuses me. Regardless of being brilliant at blackjack and winning money last night, I really shouldn’t be constantly demanding we go to the casino at 4am. I shouldn’t be communicating with people solely through the medium of shouting JAEGERBOMB at them. I shouldn’t…

Ah, this is all bollocks. It’s base, stupid, expensive and pathetic, but I like doing it so I’m going to carry on. Ignore the do not listen to Ian rule. Change it to an ‘always listen to Ian’ one and you’re done. I still maintain I’m not going out again this month though.

Well that was a shit blog.

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