Consumed by costumes

It was announced this past week that we would indeed be having a Halloween party through work, meaning that thing of having to dress in stupid costumes has gone and been gone yeah made. That makes sense, right? We’re playing dress-up. Here are some ideas, because doing a list is easier than having to actually think about what to write:

Dead Superman (Also Naked)
Superman, but with like, blood around his neck and stuff as though someone slit his throat with a kryptonite blade. Also he’s naked, because then it’s a cheaper costume and I do so like cheaper things.

Dead Hitler (Also Naked)
Hitler is dead and was evil, so he fits Halloween perfectly, and in three weeks time my hair might have grown back nicely so I can do the Hitler emo parting. Also nudity again comes into play, as my Nazi uniform is at the dry cleaners.

Dead Guy From The Thing Who Bites The Doctor’s Arms Off With His Chest (Not Naked)
I don’t think this one should be naked, because it would actually be an awesome costume. See:

Too much effort, though. So unlikely.

The Dransfield Recommended Costume (Definitely Not Naked)
This costume involves being dressed normally and not in any dumb costume, because as Dransfields we hate Halloween for being a bunch of ass and a fake stupid non-event of a time of year.

But then, I’d never be that cynical, would I?

Suggestions are welcome, as I’ve drawn a complete blank. Nudity is double welcome.

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