Bang tidy

It’s about time that I sort it out, that I get cracking with what needs to be done. I’m not quite there, mentally, but I’m on my way. Physically, I’m pretty much there. I am almost ready to clean my flat. Properly.

I keep a certain level of tidiness all the time. By ‘certain level’ I mean that I don’t leave food waste around and the dishes tend to be stacked up next to the sink, rather than left lying around anywhere. Oh, and I do use bins – repeat: do use bins.

But generally speaking, I think it’s safe to say I’ve let it all go a little bit. In fact, I haven’t tidied the flat in quite some time now and it’s got to the point where even I can see it needs to be done. Oh if only I had a flatmate who did it for me, or a rent-a-bride to tidy while I was slaving at work. WOE IS ME.

But provisions have been purchased – feather duster, some spray stuff, normal dusters, carpet cleaner, miscellaneous. Yeah, I’m prepared for this one. I’m going in hot.

I will need to empty the vacuum cleaner though, and I don’t think I can be bothered doing that. So looks like the whole operation will have to wait a week or two while I pluck up the motivation to transfer a canister full of muck and dust accumulated over the last two years into a bin outside.

If I die, tell my rent-a-bride “hello”.



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2 responses to “Bang tidy

  1. I LOVE cleaning! Have a tidy party and invite me!

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