Can I write for South Park please? Thanks.

I watched the Comedy Central mini-documentary thing on South Park earlier. Basically it offers an example of what it’s like creating an episode of the show – compared to other animated shows, which take months to make an episode, South Park takes six days. To do everything.

That’s something worth documentary…ising, I’d say.

What struck me as odd, watching it and seeing Matt & Trey doing their thang, was how much more it made me like them. I already like them an absurd amount, but watching them stress their way through the Human CentiPad episode damn near left me awe-struck.

My mancrush has grown.

It wasn’t until watching the doc I realised how few and far between their appearances in things like this, in interviews and whatever else are. They’ve never slapped themselves on everything and anything just to get their faces out there and voices heard. Dare I say it, they actually seem to have integrity.

And the bit where they’re talking about dropping acid then going to the Oscars is brilliant. So much disdain for Hollywood.

[wistful sigh]

Anyway, the most interesting part was clearly the writer’s room. I want to work there. I want to be in that room, shooting the shit and trying to make people laugh so these ideas get put in a stupid show that I genuinely love. I’m guessing you just send in a CV and they hire you, right?

What’s that? You have to have experience and a proven comedy track record? Baws. Ah well, I’ll just do my own thing. Who wants to write a sketch show with me?

I’m not joking.



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4 responses to “Can I write for South Park please? Thanks.

  1. lorraine

    Funny I thought the same thing, the more I thought the more I developed kind of my own spin of A episode , and even a spin off ,,,,,, K so Ill throw it out there for you, a cartoon reality show that fallows , interviews stars the two hosts would be Dick Wad and Kitty Hunt

  2. I’d do a sketch show. Ive been wanting to for a while and I’m with you, writing for South Park would be a dream and I have quite a few ideas for them including one that I think could be GOLD.

  3. Ryan


  4. dannymac66

    yeah I have some ideas, lets start now

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