Some film has just come on that I’m about to turn off – it’s from the late 90s, so is obviously about The Gays. Everything from the late 90s was. Anyway, some bloke, surprise birthday party, he asks ‘how did you even get in touch with all these people?’ I instantly think ‘stupid, Facebook innit’.

Then I realise how recently the whole social media thing came about. Does that make me feel old? Probably not, no. But it does make me chuckle at how piss easy everything is now. It was hard enough the ex not having a phone when we first started going out. It was mitigated by Facebook existing. Difficulty without that? Difficult.

How did people even talk back then? They must have used some kind of tin and string combos, or carrier pigeons, or just shouted a bit more than people do now. It’s clearly the only way they could do it. I can’t see any other way.

Even though I clearly remember those days and know how we ‘coped’.

Blah blah something nostalgic, something barely touching on being deep or smart, or whatever else. Blahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Yeah, too late for this, forgot to do it in the day, can’t be fucked. Basically Facebook makes it easy to get in touch with loads of people for parties. That’s about it. What a point to make.


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