Okay, so I want to get something going with the kids story I wrote forever ago. It’s been sitting there not having anything done with it since that tiny child read it on a website and nobody looked at it. So I’ve been thinking.

I had a lie down though, so I’m alright now (joke stolen from The Chuckle Brothers).

The story is written. It is short, it is for younger readers to read to themselves with the aid of a parent, or for a parent to read to their young kid/a group of kids. I don’t know why I’m explaining the concept of a book for kids, I just feel like I’m on your Dragon’s Den or whatever it is, so I have to present this as a business thing.

I need artwork. I need illustration. I have a particular style I can draw in, but it’s really not very good. In fact, that’s what the style is called: shit. I need someone who can draw cute, goofy-looking animals to put on the pages. Think Bullseye from Toy Story and you have an idea of the kind of goofiness I mean.

I want you to draw for me. I want you to illustrate my words and make it better than it is. And when that’s done, I want to publish it. I want to self-publish it and try and sell it or something. How? I don’t know.

It will take money to do all of that. I could try, as that seems a great place if you can draw people in with the product. Or I can sell most of my shit and see if that makes a dent in the cost.

Basically, right now, at this moment in time, I want to get on it. I want it done, out there and something I can actually smile about and be proud of.

So… can… can someone sort it all out for me please? I haven’t the faintest idea of where to start.



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  1. What about that nice girl we met in Eastbourne? Clemency Bunn? She was an illustrator for children’s books, wasn’t she?

  2. I have been in a similar situation for a long time. I am hereby making it my goal to be published or at least illustrated before you Dransfield.

  3. Did I ever meet you in Eatsbourne!?

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