The fire and the fury

I attempt to govern my mind with cold, hard logic most of the time. Unfortunately stupid things like emotion and blind prejudice get in the way and make me react in a way that isn’t quite what you would call ‘logical’.

In fact, there are a number of things that I react to with blind, unfeeling fury. If I could be violent towards these things and concepts, I probably would be. Alas, I cannot. And they get to go on existing and people get to go on liking them even though they’re shit. See:

Rugby. ‘The thinking man’s sport’, as a few of our PE teachers used to call it. It is not a thinking man’s sport, it is a sport for either northern apes or toff apes (also: the Welsh) to run into each other and pretend anything they do has any point to it. It is enjoyed by people who do not enjoy good sports, and I used to get hurt every. Single. Time. I played it at school. Bag of shit.

It’s not so much the act of skiing that fills me with The Rage, more the fucking evangelists for it. They sit in the same realm as Mac zealots for sheer bloody-mindedness. “You’ve never been skiing? Oh, you simply must! All you have to do is spend all of this money on transport and accommodation – and then, seeing as you’ve never been skiing before, you’ll have to get equipment and clothing and training and break your leg and it’s okay because we can sit in the lodge and get boozy with all the other over-privileged twats out there on their gap years!” God I hate skiing.

Clothing that costs lots of money
You pay for what you get. Having said that, I’ve been wearing a pair of shoes that cost four (4) pounds for a couple of weeks now and they haven’t fallen to pieces, nor have my feet exploded. I just saw a deal on Hot UK Deals to get £25 off any item at Jaeger. Initially I thought this meant booze. It did not. It meant hideously, hideously overpriced shirts, trousers and cashmere sweaters. There’s nothing wrong with buying clothing that’s well made and looks nice, even with paying a bit extra because you know it’s going to last. But the fact that people will happily, blindly walk into the situation where they’re spending loads on something they could get for a fraction of the price elsewhere just because they’re too lazy, stupid or wrapped up in the concept of ‘prestige’ pisses me off no end. I am a TK Maxx enthusiast – I make no apologies for this.

Anything vaguely posh at all
That is basically what I’m saying here. I have a real chip on my shoulder when it comes to posh things, and it’s quite clearly massively down to jealousy. I’m being serious there, by the way – I can wrap it up all I want in pseudo-intellectual ramblings about ‘status’, ‘born into opportunity’ and ‘unfair leg-ups’ or whatever else. The fact of the matter is I want a starring role on Made In Chelsea.

That, or £10 million would be nice.


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