I’m really fucking bored. I’m bored of the same places, the same seats, the same faces. I’m bored of the routine. Bored of how I can’t see a way out of the debt that enforces the routine. Bored of the hypocrisy and idiocy I show by going out and spending the money I should save if I want to rectify that last statement.

Bored of boring people. Bored of boring lives. Bored of people who aren’t boring. Bored of you. Bored of her. Bored of him. Bored of not just getting the fuck over that. Bored of this laptop. Bored of the internet. Bored of needing to go to the shop in a bit. Bored of staring at the 17-year-old checkout girl. Bored of questions. Bored of answers.

Bored of your life. Bored of your job. Bored of your funny stories. Bored of your sad stories. Bored of your jokes. Bored of everything about you. Bored of everything about me too. Bored of music. Bored of silence. Bored of TV. Bored of books. Bored of games. Bored of films.

Just a bit bored, really. Only boring people get bored, etc etc etc etc etc bored of writing etc.

Or maybe I’m just regretting watching the computer race a car around on Gran Turismo 5 for the last hour in a B-Spec endurance race. Who knows?

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