Crekt spelink

Okay, if they’re not native English speakers then fair enough – it’s a mistake that could be made. But if we’re talking born and bred British here then… no hope.

How do you not just spell ‘clear’ incorrectly, but also not notice you’ve done it? How do the people you’re working with not notice you’ve done it? How does a stupid, stupid mistake like that get through?

I’ve made mistakes – probably two in my whole life, maybe two and a half – but I have never painted a large instruction on the floor and misspelled it. That would be the last thing I would want to happen. Also the letters would be really big and I would have a plan ahead of time as to what I was going to write there. Meaning it would be quite hard to eff it up.

But then, I suppose I listened at school, read books and paid attention to getting things right. One, because I enjoyed doing those things and two, because I didn’t want to end up painting large instructions on the floor as a job.

No disrespect to the people who do it as a profession, but… well, actually I might just disrespect them because I feel like it. Plus it’s likely that you all get paid a lot more than I do anyway. So what does that teach us? Mainly that not listening and not caring about being educated lands you in a better financial position than someone who did listen.

Something like that, anyway. Keep klear.


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