Things I want change a bit, though not much. I still think I have some fairly realistic, if not a bit stupid, expectations for Stuff Wot I Will Have at some point in my life.

For example, I want a Clementine tree. You, the regular, loyal, sexy readers of this here blog know damn well how much I adore that particular brand of fruity fruit. To have my very own fruity fruit production device would be THE BEST OF THE THINGS. They can even live in this country, though it would likely require a greenhouse and to take it out of the outside (“inside”) when the weather turns cold.

But it would be great, and I don’t think it’s that crazy a want. I mean, they’re hundreds of pounds and I’d need to live somewhere with the space for it all, but I’m going to be a millionaire thanks to my crack empire soon enough, so there’s that.

I also want a dog. I like dogs as much as I like clementines BUT NOT TO EAT HA HA HA I do wish dogs grew on trees though. That would be funny, especially as the tree dogs would be so confused, all like ‘whuuu? Why am I in a tree lol’ and then you’d pick them and have a dog you grew.

No idea if you’d need a greenhouse though.

I also want to live in a foreign country at some point, but the problem there is I’m a tremendously nervous coward of doom who cannot cope in situations outside his comfort zone without massive help. As such, I will require someone to come with me. Maybe a tree dog. He can translate.

I have other wants too, but right now one of my wants is to not list them. So I won’t. LATERS POTATERS.

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