It’s Total Nerdlinger time!

I covered my confusion and irritation over a year ago – back in a time when I actually bothered doing those images with every post – relating to how actual, real life people in the games industry hadn’t done the most basic rite of passage: the all-nighter.

Well I put it to you now – I’m throwing out a call to arms. I’m demanding it. I’m asking you nicely. For the sake of all that is Good and Right in the world, you need to do one. And the perfect tool with which to do it was released the other day. Yesterday, in fact. I’m getting my days mixed up because I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM ANYMORE.

The barrel of nerdy delight that is Skyrim can eat up more time than most other games I know – aside from maybe Football Manager or World Of Warcraft – so it’s perfect for the cause. Join me in the world of Tamriel as we hunt mammoths and eat their trunks, run after rabbits for a full, real life 10 minutes, run away as soon as a giant spider pops up, steal from an old woman then sell her stuff to local criminals, accept cheese as a gift (also: in the game), hit orcs with hammers, climb mountains just because they’re there but not have to be a posh sod with plums in his mouth or risk your actual life to do it, steal a bit more, rob your ex-partner’s corpse blind as soon as they are killed before dropping a shield on their (dead) head just to make yourself laugh, get massively sidetracked, not actually play the ‘proper’ game for the 10 hours you’ve put into it so far and just not care, steal a horse then kill it for its hide so you can make some natty leather boots, try in vain (PUN) to find some vampires…

I like Skyrim. I’m going to be talking about little else in coming weeks/months. If you’re not a fan of that, The Rock has my back:


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