Mead, meat, Vikings and cartoons

I am seriously behind on my cartoon-watching these days. I still spend half my time singing the theme tune to Doug, rather than looking up what it is that makes the kids tick these days.

Also what makes me tick, because cartoons are ace and shut up if you disagree. Unless it’s Pokemon. Pokemon is and always has been shit. I’m the kind of person who would go to the Pokemon Shop in Japan and say that all the time they were there (clue: I actually did that).

But yeah, I have Adventure Time – the one I won’t shut up about the pilot episode of – ready to watch and I’ve never bothered. I know it’s brilliant even without putting it on, I just haven’t been fussed. There’s other stuff too, but you can’t expect me to have thought of it beforehand, especially not when this blog is just filler…

I mean… fillet ‘o’ fantastic. Yes, that is what I was going to say.

So this is my pledge: by the end of this week I will have sat down and watched more than just the (excellent) pilot of Adventure Time and the (excellent) first episode proper of Adventure Time. I will also stop using ‘ladder’ as my go-to word on Scribblenauts, and I will actually eat something without red meat in it this week, as I seem to have gone red meat mental.

Must be all the Skyrim making me go back to my Viking roots.

Note: I don’t think I actually have Viking roots. Though I do like mead. And meat.


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