Shooting Stars cancelled? BOOOOOO

So after about ten billion years of somehow managing to exist, the BBC has finally cancelled Shooting Stars. I sort of expected it, but I didn’t really think it would be because they can’t afford it. I expected it to be deemed ‘not fit for some bullshit demographic’ or whatever other nonsense they want to come up with.

Small mercies.

For you see, Shooting Stars is one of the best things that has ever been. Just as Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are two of the best people that have ever been. Seeing as they front(ed) the show, it fits that it is/was great and I love it.

But then, I’m part of the problem as I didn’t really watch much of the latest series. Sorry. My fault. Well, that and whoever it is that’s taking  all the money off the BBC.

Ah, Shooting Stars. The Fruit Drop Challenge. “Who let a Predator in?” Vic’s dancing to that ‘free from desire song’. Johnny Vegas proving, once more, he’s really funny. George Dawes being shit, apart from sometimes. Jarvis “The Weed In Tweed” Cocker. Greasy 50s binman. Dove From Above.

So much in my head. So much in the formative years. So many reasons why I am freely and openly described as weird all come back to Vic & Bob, and a lot come back to Shooting Stars specifically. I still rub my thighs to indicate attraction – mock or otherwise. I still love quickfire round questions like “name a junction on the M4” (“17” “Ahh, sorry – it was 12”).

I may have lapsed in recent years, but I never really moved on. I’m sorry Shooting Stars – I will miss you dearly.



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2 responses to “Shooting Stars cancelled? BOOOOOO

  1. Johnny Vegas was on 8 Out Of Ten Cats recently and wasn’t very funny, he was just very odd and uncomfortable to watch.

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