TP for my bunnnnghole

It’s good to be reminded that sometimes – sometimes – Vice is a good magazine. I mean, it was always better than a lot of other shit I would read (not buy – read) at uni, like the NME (read I did not buy the NME read read read and even then I didn’t read it properly god I hate the NME). But it dallied with wankerishness far too much for me to ever really get on board.

But now they gone done put Beavis and Butthead on the front cover and have a pretty good interview with Mike Judge in the mag. This makes me happy, as I like Beavis and Butthead and I like Mike Judge, even if Idiocracy wasn’t as good as it should have been. Still a fine idea on paper, though.

He’s a man who nails the ‘normal’ person thing quite well – he seems to get and appreciate the fact that inanity and boredom is a huge part of everyday life. While his output tends to be something of a rallying cry against accepting your lot, like in Office Space, or stupidity in general, like B&B or Idiocracy (and to some extent King of the Hill), there’s never anything in what he makes that makes you, the viewer, feel like a worse person if you do accept your lot or you are stupid.

I have no idea what I’m on about anyway, I’m stupid and accept my lot. I love Office Space. I’m just going to put some Youtube clips here because I don’t know what else to write for this, which just be glad I didn’t write yesterday while drunk.


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