Forgotten fantasy (football)

I don’t remember if I’ve gone on about this before, but my opting out of the fantasy Premier League this season has been one of my better decisions. While before I would agonise for whole minutes about my choice of (third-choice) striker for the week, now I can just sit back and wait for Gary Lineker to tell me what’s happened without really caring about the majority of the results or what’s actually happened.

Gary and his weird beard thing, I should say.

Before I would worry about if Lampard had got the assist for a Terry goal. I would care that Charlie Adam did well. I would laugh at those foolish enough to put Torres in their side just because he’s pricey. I would will things to happen that wouldn’t actually suit me on a personal level, just because they would result in more points for my players.

They can win still, but I need the other team to score one and it to be a penalty from so-and-so. As long as he doesn’t get booked I can take the points hit from the keeper conceding and if the assist goes to… god it’s boring and annoying.

Not that I don’t enjoy it. I just couldn’t be bothered this time around. It takes the fun out of just being a mindless watcher of the game, rather than someone actively involved in every pissing thing that happens.

Also I got bored of finishing around fifth every season. There’s that too.


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